Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Calf in L pod! L119

We encountered J,K,and L pods coming in together from the Pacific Ocean to the Salish Sea yesterday  for the first time this year. J and K pods have come in to these
interior waters several times earlier this spring; but, this is the first time that all of surviving members of L pod have been encountered in interior waters in 2012. All three pods were moving slowly toward San Juan Island with a new calf in tow.  One of the adult females in L pod, twenty-five year old L77, has a new calf, designated as L119, who looks to be only a few weeks old. The sex is not yet known. The new calf appeared healthy and vigorous, and we are hopeful that this one will make it. Her previous calf in 2010 was only seen for one day, and it is not known whether she has had other calves that did not survive to be documented.  We will be providing more updates on the new calf as well as our superpod encounter  in the next few days.

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